- Unique Fortnite experience

Get a unique Fortnite experience using EZFN.

Build your own bots, view unreleased items, get your challenges done faster and much more!
Note: Hybrid for mobile is fixed now!! Everything else will be fixed very soon :)

What we do

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Designed to be easy

EZFN tries to make it as easy as possible for the user. This allows you to use most EZFN features with just a few clicks!

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Responsive and scalable

We have learned from the past and changed the website, using EZFN on mobile is now as easy as on your desktop.

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Very well documented

We know it can be really hard to use EZFN or even understand what it's for and what it does. Even thought the design is very intuitive now, we added a documentation explaining everything in detail, read it carefully and you will need no further questions!

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Private Server

Download the Private Server for EZFN, preview any skin to know if you want to buy in real Fortnite or not, you can join other EZFN users, customize the item shop and send (not real) gifts to your EZFN account.
You are also able to go into a match (alone) and simply drive or run around the map and train your building skills
Last Updated: 10/03/2022
Version: Season 19.40 (19121574)
Note: A new APK for the private server will be out soon, for now use the hybrid please

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Fortnite Hybrid Server, join your friends' parties with any cosmetic you want. You can use this for leaking or just to troll your friends
Last Updated: 19/05/2022
Version: Season 20.40 (x)