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You are not sure what exactly you can do with EZFN?

There is only one person working on EZFN, and sadly we haven't added all features listed below, if one of the freatures isn't added, but you would like it to be added sooner text us on our discord and we will try to add it as fast as possible!

Simple and Intuitive Design

Using the private server or hybrid you can view any skin and also show them to your friends, that way you can make a better decision if you want to buy the skin or not. You can aswell test them with all emotes and backpacks. Using [this] you can set a reminder when the skin comes into the Fortnite Item Shop so you don’t miss your chance to buy them. If you like skin concepts you can view tons of concepts made by the community and even use them in a match!

  • View all cosmetics (Skins, Backpackets, Emotes etc)
  • Use custom skins made by the Community
  • Set a reminder when your favorite skin is available in the Item Shop
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Easily create your own cosmetics!

With EZFN you can design your fully custom skins, backpacks, emotes, cars and even maps! You can publish your cosmetics so others can use them aswell

  • Custom Skins, Backpacks, Emotes, Cars and more
  • Easily share with others
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View updated content within minutes!

There is a lot coming...

  • Digital Marketing Solutions for Tomorrow
  • Our Talented & Experienced Marketing Agency
  • Create your own skin to match your brand
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More access to EZFN!

Start your own, fully custom matches on a season you want, you can then play older version of Fortnite with your followers.
If you are a big streamer you can contact us to get access to EZFN‘a gameservers.

  • Play older versions of Fortnite with your followers
  • View full stats of the played match, so you can give rewards for example
  • We will help you to set everything up
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More advanced access to EZFN!

If you are a developer, you can contact us to unlock the developer tools. With that you can help us with security issues or improve EZFN. But you can ofc just use it for fun too.

  • Get access to Developer Tools
  • You can help us fix security issues
  • Get a deeper look into everything
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Have Questions? Get in touch!

You can check out our Social Media to enter giveaways or see progress and features that are being worked on. You can join the Discord community where you can make suggestions and report common issues.

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