Use the Fortnite Private Server on Mobile

1. Download the Application

If you wan't to use the Private Server you have to install a modified version of Fortnite.
Make sure you uninstall the original Fortnite first.

You can simply download the latest APK here
When the APK downloaded you have to install it, if you do not know how just google it.

If you get a Play Protect popup, just press "Install Anyway"

You should now have EZFN installed

2. Setup a proxy


Other programs that require internet will most likely not work while the proxy is turned on, if you want to use an app that requires internet while using EZFN install this

It might look different for you, you can just google how to use a proxy on your phone or read this

Port: 6969
Bypass for: *

3. Start the Private Server

You can now start the Application you installed
Fortnite will download all required files first, depending on your internet speed this might take a while

When everything installed you will have to Login
It will redirect you to the EZFN login, just login or register, you will then be redirected to the modified Fortnite
Now you should be in the lobby, to change some settings and find other players who use the Private Server check out this
An updated version to join your Epic friends will be uploaded in a few days! And don't forget to turn off the proxy after using :)