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You will need an authorization code if you want to use account related features.
This means that is will use your real EpicGames account you use to login.
The code will be valid for 5 minutes and it only useable once
Do not share your authorization code with anyone.

How to get the code:

  • Visit this EpicGames link

    If you are already logged in you will instantly get your code
    Otherwise Epic will ask you to login (we will not be able to view your plain password)

  • When logged in

    After you are logged in you will notice that the website content looks kinda "weird".
    It contains your authorization code, that will be valid for 5 minutes.



You need to copy the 32 long code, in this example
it would be "c4de91d1509a4fdd9aa4759948c89ce7"

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