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Frequently Asked Questions

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As you may know, there are many other projects similar to EZFN. The problem is that most projects out there are unsafe, are not free. So we decided to make a 100% free service that will never be pay to win.

More seasons

Will you add more Seasons?

Yes. We are working on adding more seasons, but currently our goal is to make sure everything is running smooth

Will you add C2 S2?

A lot of people ask for C2 S2, but sadly the files have not been backuped. So they are forever lost. In case you still have C2 S2 installed on a old phone please let us know!

Why is there no S8/S9 for iOS?

Sadly iOS doesn't have many backups. There are a lot of files missing. If you do have an backup for S8 or S9 on your old phone please let us know!


Why does my app crash when I open it?

If EZFN - Fortnite instantly crashes after showing the EpicGames logo it means that the App has been blacklisted. You will no longer be able to use it, so make sure to uninstall it. To prevent blacklists read our tutorial for installing the DNS!

Why does it say Unable to Verify?

If you just tried to install EZFN - Fortnite but it says Unable to Verify it means that you are blacklisted from this App. For this reason we provide multiple download links, you can check for #2 or #3 in the Download page and test if this installations work for you. We keep on updating the Download Page to make sure you can install it. If none of the Downloads work for you try it again in 1-7 days, make sure to join our Discord to get notified when we upload a new Download!

Other Platforms (Console & Mac)

Can I install EZFN - Fortnite on my MacBook?

We currently do not support MacOS

Can I install EZFN on my Switch?

Yes, it is possible to install EZFN - Fortnite on a Switch. BUT it will only work if your switch is homebrewed. If you do not know what this is, then sorry you wont be able to install EZFN.

Can I install EZFN on my PS4?

Yes, you can install EZFN on your PS4, but it is only possible with jailbroken devices. If you do not know what this is, then sorry you wont be able to install EZFN.

Can I install EZFN on my XBOX?

No, it's currently not possible to install EZFN on XBOX